How to Maintain your Window on a Regular Basis

As you go about your routine home care, do not miss the maintenance of the window. It is an important measure that will keep your windows in good condition and extend their longevity. Well-maintained windows enhance the security and appearance of your home. Fluctuations in temperature, rain, dust and debris take their shots on the windows. This contributes to a lot of wear and tear. Here, some maintenance tips for the windows are presented.


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Credit: Recommended guide on maintaining windows, written by a St. Charles windows repair expert

Clean wooden windows with a damp cloth regularly. This helps to remove dust and dirt. Avoid using too much water, as it is likely to encourage rot. Wash vinyl and aluminum windows with a mild detergent and a mild cleaning brush. A glass cleaner allows to leave the windows bright. Be sure to clean the window casing and the adjacent area of the wall as well. This helps reduce the accumulation of dirt and debris in the window components, which often contributes to window jam.

Regular inspection

Perform a full inspection of your windows regularly. Check the frame of the window to be sure that they are in good condition. Use a metal probe for signs of decay, which could indicate moisture infiltration. Check the signs of humidity on double or triple windows. This indicates that the seal is faulty and must be replaced. A failed joint reduces the insulation capacity of the windows. The sun can make certain areas of the frame to become fragile and distorted. Paint may have peeled in some areas. If you have weather peeling on your windows, check the condition during the inspection. Arrange for replacement in case of serious wear and tear. Check the gap between the window housing and the wall. These can be filled with a latex caulking product.


Re-paint metal and wooden windows every 3 to 4 years. It helps keep them protected against the elements and maintains their appearance. Always apply paint on windows that have been thoroughly cleaned. Be careful not to paint moving parts or a closed window, or the window will jam.

Damaged parts

Attend to all the cracks, holes and chips in the window quickly. The more time you take to attend to damaged areas, the more the window will deteriorate. Once you identify the parts that are rotted in a wooden window, use a screwdriver to clean the bad wood, then fill the cracks and holes with epoxy putty. Use several layers to get the best results. Once the putty is dry, soften the surface with sandpaper, then apply the primer and paint.

Just like damaged frames, cracked or broken glass requires your immediate attention. Repair or replace your window quickly to secure your home and avoid accidental cuts by broken glass.