Some industries are not regulated and carpet cleaning industries are part of those unregulated industries. In this industry,  anyone can call themselves a professional without any basis for such claim. Still,  these people are invited into your home and then use cleaning chemicals that can be harmful if you have no knowledge of how to use them properly. More importantly, they do not have the necessary equipment (not a rented shampooer) needed to the properly remove the chemicals.

There are many nightmare stories  about overuse of chemicals, about crimes committed or improper use of chemicals.  There are also exposes on Bait-and-Switch companies that use low coupon offers to hook unsuspecting consumers into a bill they are eventually compelled to pay. You can’t tell who is a great cleaner or the ones you would never want to use by simply opening a phone book. The “great” cleaners distinguish themselves from the fake companies who use unsafe cleaning practices and  hard-sell tactics by working very hard.

Carpets and rugs in your home acts as a “filter” for indoor air. The fibers in rugs and carpets “grab and hold on to” contaminants and particulates. So, like any filter, it needs cleaning because when it’s full it won’t be able to grab anything else and anytime you step on it, contaminants are released back into the air.

A key to a healthy indoor environment is cleaning your carpet. A truly professional carpet cleaning company will look into your particular needs and use the right cleaning solutions and equipment to fulfill those needs for you and your family.

Consumers planning on hiring carpet cleaners should note the following.

1. Do not choose a carpet cleaning service base on equipments alone, ensure the company has skilled employees who are capable of operating the equipments. And this can  be verified by asking for a written proof of the technician’s and the company’s IICRC certification.

2. Choosing a carpet cleaner because of low price could be problematic as it could be a bait just to attracts consumers and it could also mean that the carpet cleaner has cheap equipments which won’t be  effective.

3. Always choose a good carpet cleaner after they’ve being invited to your home and not just through a phone call.

4. Choose a carpet cleaner who offer a money-back guarantee.

5. Get comments from previous clients. comments from his other clients.