I was really inspired by a Saint Louis home decorator, whom i hired to help finish up my garage; how he helped build a nice shelve and i had to put up an article explaining the process.

These are the necessary tools for this DIY project.

Cordless drill

Framing square

Tape measure

Build and assemble it quickly

  1. Mark the parts of the frame for quick assembly.

All the frames parts should be cut to length and then mark where the rails will  be screwed to each of the leg. Repeat the same thing on the 2x2s. This will make the whole thing to go together in a snap.

.Put the frame together

  1. The frames should be assembled.

If you work on top of a sheet of plywood, it will help in keeping each frame squared up.  The edges of the plywood should be used to line up, and also make sure you adjust things as you screw the frame together. Note that it always help if you pick the straightest lumber possible when you are shopping.

Install the shelves

  1. The shelves should be screwed on.

It is much more easier when installing the shelves in each frame if you have someone to help you hold the frames. If you are working alone, make one of the frames lean against the wall and then hold up the other frame while screwing the first shelf into place.

Screw the unit to the wall

  1. Fasten the shelves to the wall.

Each unit should be screwed to the wall through the top rail by using construction screws spaced every third stud. Though this shelf unit is really sturdy, make it more secure by screwing the units together through the front legs. Try to align the legs if your floor is uneven or sloped.

Install the middle cleats for the sliding bins

  1. Installation of cleats for slide-out bins.

In order to avoid stacking the small bins on top of one another, make sure you hang the top bins from cleats. Installation of the cleats will go really fast if you start your screws in each cleat first and later use a spacer to put a mark the cleat’s location as you screw it on.

If you hang the bins from cleats, it means you do not have to stack them on top of each other and also, you can slide them in and out easily.

How to Maintain your Window on a Regular Basis

As you go about your routine home care, do not miss the maintenance of the window. It is an important measure that will keep your windows in good condition and extend their longevity. Well-maintained windows enhance the security and appearance of your home. Fluctuations in temperature, rain, dust and debris take their shots on the windows. This contributes to a lot of wear and tear. Here, some maintenance tips for the windows are presented.


St. Charles windows

Credit: Recommended guide on maintaining windows, written by a St. Charles windows repair expert

Clean wooden windows with a damp cloth regularly. This helps to remove dust and dirt. Avoid using too much water, as it is likely to encourage rot. Wash vinyl and aluminum windows with a mild detergent and a mild cleaning brush. A glass cleaner allows to leave the windows bright. Be sure to clean the window casing and the adjacent area of the wall as well. This helps reduce the accumulation of dirt and debris in the window components, which often contributes to window jam.

Regular inspection

Perform a full inspection of your windows regularly. Check the frame of the window to be sure that they are in good condition. Use a metal probe for signs of decay, which could indicate moisture infiltration. Check the signs of humidity on double or triple windows. This indicates that the seal is faulty and must be replaced. A failed joint reduces the insulation capacity of the windows. The sun can make certain areas of the frame to become fragile and distorted. Paint may have peeled in some areas. If you have weather peeling on your windows, check the condition during the inspection. Arrange for replacement in case of serious wear and tear. Check the gap between the window housing and the wall. These can be filled with a latex caulking product.


Re-paint metal and wooden windows every 3 to 4 years. It helps keep them protected against the elements and maintains their appearance. Always apply paint on windows that have been thoroughly cleaned. Be careful not to paint moving parts or a closed window, or the window will jam.

Damaged parts

Attend to all the cracks, holes and chips in the window quickly. The more time you take to attend to damaged areas, the more the window will deteriorate. Once you identify the parts that are rotted in a wooden window, use a screwdriver to clean the bad wood, then fill the cracks and holes with epoxy putty. Use several layers to get the best results. Once the putty is dry, soften the surface with sandpaper, then apply the primer and paint.

Just like damaged frames, cracked or broken glass requires your immediate attention. Repair or replace your window quickly to secure your home and avoid accidental cuts by broken glass.

How to Drain Water from a Flat Roof

Pooling water on a flat roof can cause problems like popped nails, pulled away flashing, exposed railheads and washing away of sand or gravel from the roof tiles. These problems can cause roof leaks and serious damage to the roof deck, the underlying structure and interior finishing. Water leaking through the roof could cause a fire and electrical hazards.

There are a lot of flat roof drain solutions available to avoid these problems, here are a few shared by someone who works in a company i did call the best roofing company in Miami, FL.

Scupper Drains

These drains are an economical drain system that can be installed in the lower areas of the tip to reduce the accumulation of water. They are galvanized drains that are connected to the edges of the roof and work to guide the water from the edge of the roof down the water downspouts.

Internal Drains

Internal drains are another cost effective drainage solution that can also be linked to existing drainage systems at home. They require installation of copper or aluminum in the roof areas where water accumulation usually occurs. Plumbing systems are attached to the drain inserts to channel the water outside the building from a side wall. Pipes run down an inner wall and hung under roof decking through the columns. This system must be installed by a licensed plumber to be effective.

roofing company in Miami, FL

Credit: Flat roofing

Eaves Trough Drainage

Although it is not used more often, this drainage system is a good choice if you have a large industrial or commercial flat roof. Drainage ditches are created in the lower insulated areas on the roof. These trenches guide the water into the gutters.

Drainage Helpers

Drainage helpers are a great option if you already have a good drainage system on the flat roof, but you want to provide your system with the ability to move more water if necessary. This system operates by isolating the recessed drains installed to allow faster water drainage.

True Sloped Insulation

True sloped insulation is a very costly flat roof drainage solution. As it is installed under the flat roof, this solution is normally used only with new roofs.

The measurements of the roofs are taken first. Next, the insulation made out of the ISO board, wood fiber board or EPS boards, is precut to the roof’s exact measurement by the manufacturer. A slope pattern is created based on the size of the roof, then qualified technicians install the slope to create a perfect ramp that channels the water away from the surface of the roof. The roof system is then installed.


1. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

This cleaner model gives an almost professional quality results. it is also less expensive and the weight is lighter than Rug Doctor’s regular rental machine. It was asserted by the manufacturer that this model’s suction power is about 75% better than other similar home upright cleaners, which gives superior cleaning results. Many users, even pet owners and those who deal with dirty carpets, are highly impressed by the work of this cleaner. They like its powerful cleaning capabilities and its construction and workmanship quality. The only downside is that it is more expensive than other popular models.

2. Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer FH50150

This carpet washer is a high-performing multipurpose carpet cleaner model that you can use for cleaning of carpets, spots and stains, upholstery and pet messes. Its weight is a mere 18.1 lbs, which makes it one of the lightest full-powered upright carpet cleaner that gives a high quality result. Many users are impressed with the way this machine clean their carpets.

3. Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Carpet Cleaner(1548, 1551)

This Pet Carpet Cleaner is a  high-performing and stylish carpet cleaner. In this machine, the engineers included some of the most wanted features for a home carpet cleaner into a new polished and lightweight design. Their efforts pay off as feedback of users has been very positive concerning the model’s superior cleaning performance and ease of use.

4. Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner F7412-900

This carpet cleaner is rated highly for its powerful cleaning performance which exceed those of top Hoover models, used by carpet cleaning company I’ve come across. What makes this machine different is that it has a wide cleaning path when compared to the Hoover Power Scrub, and this makes it possible for more of the carpet to get cleaned with each cleaning stroke. Also, users like the rinse-only mode that makes it easier for them to rinse their carpets without the need of emptying their tank of water mixed with detergent.

5. Hoover Steamvac With Clean Surge F5914-900

The Hoover Steamvac is popularly known for its ease-of-use, powerful cleaning performance and value price. Users find this machine helpful because it offers strong cleaning power that actually compete with the results of professional grade machines, with even lesser price. It can be used on tough stinky pet stains, coffee stains or aged spots that has take root.

What is a Bay Window

A bay window is an executive element that can include more space and light to a room. If any house is built near a lovely and gorgeous view, this type of window can provide an amazing viewing space. Most of the Victorian style homes in San Francisco and  St. Peters windows are or have bay windows installed.


Generally the bay window is three sided; basically, you have 3 windows in one window space. One side is parallel to the walls and the other two are angled inward and appear to the side of the first window. They create an additional area of 2-3 feet into the room which is called a bay. However, most of the people think that the term  “bay” is originated from San Francisco bay, which is untrue. The Bay window is a common term for all outward window designs, and the area projected outwards is called a bay.

St. Peters windows

Credit: wikipedia


Since the bay window has a tendency to add extra length, and is projected outward from the room, you may require special permits before constructing one. Additional support may be required if the window is on a higher floor, with no coordinating space or window below it. Window length can be decided according to the choice; floor to ceiling or below the ceiling. To enjoy the glorious views, a padding seating area is created underneath the windows, and it is very common as well.


Some architects as well as the interior designers have reversed the bay window, which removes the space instead of adding space; however, reverse bay windows still adds up light as well as the potential for amazing views. Such types of windows are known as recessed bay windows. Instead of projecting outwards, they project inward into the room. These require no permission and it is also a good choice if you like the appearance of bay windows, but are not allowed to build them outward.


The bow window is another variety of the bay window, which has the shape of the bow (curved). It creates a curved as well as a rounded look instead of an angled appearance. These types of windows are very common in mansions and big houses. They are also known as curved bay windows.


Many people use bay windows to create additional space where they can grow plants that need light. A tiny greenhouse can also be created. Even if it is not providing great views, it gives you light and space to grow plants. Apart from this, a bay window is considered a sybaritic approach the increase the attractive features of a home, especially on the exterior.

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